Sunday, July 14, 2013

When lobsters are $3.99 a LB . . .

You best make hay while the sun shines .
Five chunky pound-and-a-halfers are way cheaper than going out for diner .
Rig up the stove and keep the stink outside .
In with the lobsters and a couple of ears of the sweetest corn I have ever tasted .
Let them rip for 25 minutes or so and prepped them for the table .
Rig up the lobster eating tablecloth, set out the spread and enjoy.


  1. Looks like some good grub Michael :)

  2. I've tried them, but much prefer other things. Glad you got a good deal, though!

    1. Its a taste that you grow in to I suppose. As a kid I never had it but once I was here and I tried them I got hooked. If seafood is not your thing then you likely won't enjoy it. I suppose its the difference between side hill gougers and herring chokers as they say around these parts. That's mountain men and coastal dwellers for those from Riolinda. Dad said that at times while in college back in the 50s it was served so often that they would complain. For us it is a luxury that we often go long times without having as the price is usually more than double, and half the weight is waste. This year there is a glut. Last year it was even better for us as it was 3$ a lb. Lobstermen simply parked their boats cause they could not even pay for the fuel.

  3. Damn blogger ate my comment! They look good. I've never tried them but I love sea food so i'm sure I would!