Sunday, September 25, 2016

Old Volvo Meet at Owlshead Transportation Museum

This weekend was the last event of the season at the Owlshead Transportation Museum and the headline feature was old Volvos. Anyone with an old Volvo gets in for free.
Well dad has an old 1962 PV544 he has been playing with for a few years now.
So yesterday we ran up to Freeport and borrowed it for the day. Took a bit of coaxing to get it going as it had not been run since July. I had to clear out a mouse nest full of mama and babies and replace a couple chewed wires, but once she fired up and warmed up, the battery started charging, it was good to go. So we got a late start and after an hour and a half ride up RT-1 fighting the usual traffic jamb in Wiscasset we made it to the front gate about half past noon.
And we got placed at the head of the pack. As soon as we arrived we were mobbed. I suppose it is one of the advantages of arriving late. Folks had drooled over all the other earlier arrivals and were hungry for more, so they pounced on us as soon as I shut it off. Some of the insiders recognized the car and gave me the evil eye for a few minutes figuring dad had sold the car from under them to some unknown scoundrel. But as soon as I made them aware it was still dad's car, they all got cozy with us. It was good for a laugh anyhow.
There was a PV444 that came all the way from Rhode Island
With a slick looking velvet interior
And another PV544 that had been sectioned and lowered taking about six inches out of the side of it. The fenders had been welded on and bondoed.
A nice looking Duet was there
With a pristine interior
A bunch of P1800s made it as well
The sporty Volvo . . .
. . . in assorted flavors and colors
And the wagon version of the P1800
Of course it was not only Volvos. There was a nice Jaguar XK140
With its big engine on display
An E type Jaguar
A Triumph Bug-eye sprite
And an old Citroen that was an even later arrival than us
They even let in the Rif-Raf like my friend Marty and his Ford Escort powered Mini Cooper
My favorite of the show has to be the 1962 BMW R60/2
Another XK140
With a very tired Scottie taking a nap
As the wind picked up the museum stared moving a few of the panes back in doors. A 1923Fokker C-IV might have even been worked on by my great grand father once the chief mechanic for Fokker.

 We took a quick run through the museum.
 1929 Rolls Royce
1905 Panhard Levassor
A Big 1930 racing Bentley
A big string of early MGs on display
And a neat four seat cabriolet MG
1912 Fiat Racer
1907 Renault Vanderbilt
1919 Model J Harley
1913 Excelsior
1922 Royal Enfield
And a Steam-Punked BMW-R series
And this one lacked identification other than the ABC emblem on the tank. But I am told it was the first horizontally opposed twin cylinder boxer engine on a motorbike. According to Wikipedia the ABC stands for All British Engine Company, and they were manufactured between 1919 and 1923. The engine had a displacement of 400cc.
1918 American LaFrance fire engine
1918 Standard J-1
1916 JN-4D Curtiss Jennie
1913 Etrich Taube whose wing is patterned after a Zanonia tree seed pod
The 1930 Pitcairn Mailwing
1912 model D Curtiss pusher
1917 Fokker Triplane
1917 Spad
1930 Curtiss Travelair
1913 Deperdussin racer
The Wright brothers diorama with a replica of the 1903 Wright flyer and the 1963 Gemini space capsule
Bob Weymouth's Piper J-3. Bob, aka "The Flying Farmer" was a feature at all the Maine airshows and events doing the drunken flying farmer skit. Those of us who used to hang out at Merrymeeting field had the chance to meet him on several occasions.
 1935 Chevrolet straight six cutaway
1946 28 cylinder 3000 hp Pratt and Whitney
 1895 Corliss 600hp steam engine with a 16 foot flywheel

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing

Saturday was once again time for the Bowman field Fly-in , so we made our annual trek to Livermore Falls and arrived just in time to see folks running in a mad dash up the field .
Not a good sign .
Once we made it to the runway we saw what the commotion was about .
A gorgeous vintage Cessna 195 on its back . Seems the brakes were a bit touchy and they grabbed more than expected on landing . Thankfully no one was hurt seriously . A passenger had a nasty scrape on his head but that was the worst of it . As they say ; Any landing you can  walk away from is a good landing . You get bonus points if you don't break the airplane . Sadly no bonus points for this one .
Note the damage to the tail cone and vertical stabilizer .
The rescue guys were there in no time and they all pitched in . Of course this meant the runway was closed for the duration . No movements in or out of the field . The pilot is the guy on the far left side of the photo in the grey shirt, and the passenger with the bump on his noggin was the fellow in the lime green shirt next to him.
Someone made a call to the local man with the excavator, and within 40 minutes he was at the scene
Took a bit of brainstorming on the best strategy to get it back upright without doing more damage to it . They removed the wheel-pants, cowling and the spinner cone .
Some tires were arranged to protect the engine and prop , and guy lines were tied off at all ends .
In a minute it was hanging from the tail wheel . Top skin of the wing appears undamaged .
They wound up having to add another length of line to the tail guy line and tied it off to a vehicle to help steady it .
And they started to let it back down the right side up . Note the crinkled skin on the horizontal stabilizer .
And back on  its own feet again . The left wing tip was crushed during the accident .
It was towed up the runway .
And parked it on the sideline . It might be a while to get it straightened out , but it will fly again .
Well now that the excitement is over, it is time to walk the flight line and see who was there . This one a Home-Built BearHawk
And  new very expensive Carbon Cub
Another Carbon Cub on amphibian floats
An Aviat Husky
A 1940's Aeronca Chief
A hot-rod RV
A Taylorcraft from the 1940s
A Piper PA-12 with a fat belly pod keeps a J-3 Cub company
A nice Supercub
And a home-built Wag-Aero 2+2 Sportsman that got new wings and a new paint job last winter .
A 1930s Aeronca Defender
And another Super-cub with fat tires

And the gorgeous Travelair departs . . .

I almost forgot, the antique engine club was there as always with their Huff-and-Chuff motors

Including an old engine powered washing machine like the one I will be buying for Annie when we move off the grid .