Thursday, October 3, 2019

How do you eat a Hefalump?

One eighty pound bag at a time . . .

sixty of them . . . . forty eight hundred pounds all told
Had to make three trips as I did not dare carry more than sixteen hundred pounds at a time in my trailer
Loaded on , and loaded off . . . .
Marty brought over his cement mixer and I prep the first five by seven foot section to be poured .
Mix . . . .
Load . . .
Pour . . . fifteen bags
Level . . .
Float . . . .
and float six more times till we have some semblance of smoothness
Next day it looks like a slab. . . though the upper left hand corner came out a bit low to the level line
Next day prep the second five by seven section . . . a good place to dispose of scrap iron and broken hand tools
and dance with Marty's cement mixer again .
Fifteen more bags lifted , mixed , poured , leveled , and floated . . .
A little easier to get right this time with a level front and back
Next day a couple hours of work and I prep the third section
Mower and blower already making use of the new slab
I'm half way through eating the hefalump . . . it hurts just to look at those yellow bags
Sunday we wash rinse and repeat
aaaaand right here it all goes sideways on me when I accidentally mix an extra watery load and dump the whole mixer load in the wheel barrow . . . See if I'd been half as smart as my buddy Glenn Filthie claims I am , I'd have thought it out , and only poured half a mixer load in the barrow at a time so to avoid the spilling bit . But no , duffus maximus in typical fashion here , had to go full retard on this one and I am still paying for it today .
. . . . and in a feeble attempt to not spill said watery load from my crappy low sided , mended wheel barrow , I make an effort to keep it low just barely lifting it and my back gives out on me . . . 
I push through the pain and finish the pour . . . . just barely
. . . . and spend the next three days flat on my back unable to stand or walk
By Thursday afternoon , thanks to the wonders of modern chemistry , I am semi mobile again and spend a couple hours prepping the last section .
Friday I move the last sixteen bags onto the saw horses in a lame attempt at reducing the stress on my back . . . yea right!
and poured the fourth slab
Took the weekend off and rested my back again . Monday I mixed the last bag and a half of cement and poured the threshold under the doors .
Not bad for a hack .
Should keep the mess out of my garage too
And now the Volvo has a dry place to spend the winter hopefully avoiding the flood and ice we had last winter .
As I had to cut the doors short for them to open against the rising grade outside I added a sweep to the door on the inside .
And on the outside too

Monday, September 9, 2019

Mount Washington Valey Classic Car Show

As we had all our chores done , late on Sunday morning , spur of the moment , we decided to make the sixty mile run to the car show in North Conway New Hampshire .
We got there at about half past noon , a bit late for the car judging , and burgers were eight dollars a piece , but there were some interesting cars to see .
We parked across from this 1947 Pontiac Streamliner on a Montecarlo chassis . In styling it quite resembled our Volvo , only about half again as big .
My favorite of the show had to be this totally home built rig emulating a 1920s racer
Tight fit for two , but so stylish
Fuel tank on the back
Primitive suspension dampeners consisting of layers of silicone rubber washers squished between the hinge point of the scissor looking device .
A six cylinder inline out of an 1970's Chevrolet pickup fed by twin carbs on a home made box manifold .
A real elegant Ford model A
With a Goose ? Quail ? as a hood ornament on the radiator cap
I just love those subtle colors
A sweet looking panel on a 57 Chevy Bel Air convertible
With a unique accessory  . . . bonus points for anyone who can tell me what its purpose is
A monster blower on a very loapy running engine
Powering some 24 inch wide tires on a road legal (God only knows how) Chevrolet Chevelle
VW's were represented too , this a 25 K mile pristine Thing
Perhaps most curious of all was a water cooled 1800 cc inline 4 cylinder VW engine as normally seen in a VW Rabbit . . .
. . . . stuffed into a custom built VW Single Cab .
Yes , custom cause it started life as a a regular van in Mexico
Where, I was told by Juan Avina the owner , they were produced with the water cooled engine .
A tiny MG Midget racer
With equally tiny HS-4 Skinner Union carbs
Sat next to a Lotus Seven
With a throaty 40 mm Webber side draft that I am told originally lived on the Midget .

Took a lot of photos but I'll keep it short this time with the ones that I found most interesting , more coming up next weekend after the Owls Head gathering .