Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dressing up the shed

Drove up to Richmond on Friday to work on Ben's shack .
The Unabomber shack ain't got nothing on this one now . Got the sub fascia on the eves done . Dressed it up with some corner boards . Built  and installed some window frames .
An affordable 24" X  29" wood sash in a quick knotty pine frame .
Got the gable end windows installed . As usual we came up short on 1 x 8 pine for the corner boards so one corner still needs dressing . Since we used one of the wooden windows in the front door Ben needs to order one more sash for the lower back window , so I put a piece of plywood in the hole in the mean time . Just is another excuse to go back up and do some shooting while we are at it .
God our new pivoting steel target gong installed .
No need to keep running back and forth to reset it when the chains come off the frame .


  1. Replies
    1. Si, aveces disfrutamos. Y a la hora del almuerzo después de un sándwich practicamos un poco, y al final del dia de labor un poco mas .

  2. That is one nice shed, you guys did a fine job. That would make a nice cabin.

    1. Yea John, it really is a glorified cabin. I had fun building it too. We did put a loft in it so there is plenty space to have sleeping quarters above and living space below. I told Benjamin that if Annie ever kicks me out I might have to borrow it for a spell.... LOL.