Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Giant Puffball mushroom

 Found in my front yard yesterday

From Wikipedia:

All true puffballs are considered edible when immature, but can cause digestive upset if the spores have begun to form, as indicated by the color of the flesh being not pure white (first yellow, then brown). Immature gilled species still contained within their universal veil can be look alikes for puffballs. To distinguish puffballs from poisonous fungi, they must be cut open; edible puffballs will have a solid white interior. Some similar mushrooms have the white interior (or yellowish) but also have the silhouette of a cap-type mushroom on the interior when cut open. These are young cap-type mushrooms and may be poisonous.


  1. So you going to risk it? Our puff balls over here are whiter than that generally, althoug there are many sorts I'm sure. Hope you're well, Kev

    1. Hey Kev, all is well for now. No I did not dare try it. In a couple days it started turning black. Word is that they are edible while fresh. But if they start turning just a bit they can give you some severe indigestion. And as I recently had some major gastric issues where I lost 20 lbs in a couple weeks I was not willing to risk it.