Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another cancer surgery project

Got a call last week from an old client wanting some trim and a couple of garage doors replaced. Dirty messy work, not at all glamorous but it pays.  All that fascia has to be replaced. I replaced all the windows and the atrium door on the back deck in the house 2 years ago.
The doors frames have some serious cancer going on who knows how bad it is underneath once I open it up.

So on Tuesday  I got my new loaner wheels and loaded up for the job. Its a 1994 Dodge Dakota with a 140 K miles from Florida not a spec of rust on it and drives like a dream. A friend who swaps cars for a hobby and has a regular stream of used ones is letting me have it til I finish repairing mine. He is hoping I will like it and do a trade deal for it on a refurb on his bathroom later in the summer... I like it.... a lot
Got all my pump jacks, staging planks ladders loaded and spend a morning shopping and delivered a 900$ load of materials also
Wednesday am got started on the back door, it looked like this.
Took the door out and tore it open and found . . . .
cut it out
and scarfed in a new stud end
and a new jack end and a plywood patch
the  I wrapped it in Bituthane . . .
. . . . and popped he new door in, comes with brick molding trim so that comes off and gets replaced for flat casing in this case Veranda PVC to match the old trim gap.
Ended first day on the job by twisting my right ankle as I stepped over the high threshold. Not sure just what I stepped on but the snapping ankle sounded like tearing denim. For a moment there I thought I had re-broken it. 26 yrs ago I broke both ankles falling 2 stories when a staging plank broke and this one had to be opened up to be set with wires and pins. Considerable pain but managed to hobble around and finished the trim and replaced the corner board as well but forgot to take a photo of the finished job. Spent the evening icing the ankle.
Thursday still hobbling but ambulatory enough to tackle the front door
Pulled the door off and found more of the same cancer
Cut it all out
New jack studs and ply go back in and it all gets wrapped with Bituthane
get the door ready
pop it in....
and trim it out inside and out
Tomorrow I'll set up the pump jack staging and deal with the rotted fascia.


  1. Congrats on the new truck and the new assignment. hope your ankle heal soon!

  2. Wrote a long comment and blogger seems to have lost it.
    Shame about your ancle - no sick pay for you though - the joys of being self employed, some of the public sector workers should take a walk in our shoes! Hope it gets better soon. Tidy job by the way, like you said not glamorous but it pays the bills!