Friday, May 10, 2013

Test . . . spring time

Test. . . pix seem to load OK from a website but not my files. hmmmmm? could it be interference with my antivirus protection??? seems if I load them on to the Picasa photo page first then I can upload to the blog "compose" page.
been working on some lawn repairs damaged from the road salt.
the view from my "office"
two straight weeks of bright sunshine and humidity in the low 20% has helped things bloom.
worked up an other 10 pounds of smoked fish
Got the smoker jut about dialed in now, Umbrella is there to keep the sun of the smoke box and keep the temps in the low 70s so to not cook the fish.

Picked up a few seedlings for our deck garden. 3 tomato plants parsley, sage and oregano.
Tulips are blooming now
and these funky purple bell thingies
and some pink ones
and the purple version of the pink ones
and more purple ones


  1. Antivirus could be the problem, but I can't tell you what to do about it. You already know more about that sort of thing than I do!

    1. I am suspecting it is some conflict with the AV protection. Someone along the way in the ether of the internet changed the settings either in Google, Firefox or the AV as they always do and and it created a problem somewhere else. I am using a 13 yr old, slow desk top with windows XP and the problems seem to be coming more frequently. Yesterday the blogs I follow briefly disappeared from my dashboard again and it told me I was not subscribed to any blogs. Go figure!

    2. I just read that apparently hackers from the Cuban/Venezuelan apparatchik are causing problems with the blogosphere in an attempt to shut down dissident blogs. Several of the blogs I follow that report on that subject mater are stating they have been hacked are having major problems.