Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Damn Squirrels

Did a small repair job on a fascia and sophit today. Aparentley squirrels in the high rent district are no longer happy to nest in trees. This one chewed through the end gap of the trim on a garage and set up a condominium in the barge rafter.
I removed the rotten trim, pulled out about 15 gallons of nesting debris . . .
and cleaned it all out
fortunately the squirrel in residence was DOA
Little bastard has quite the chompers
Fortunately the trim was all short pieces with suitably located joints, so I was able to scarf in some new bits without having to peel back the whole thing.
Finished it with a quick coat of primer.


  1. Looks good! I wish you were over here. I've got both honey bees and starlings nesting in my sophits. I don't mind the bees, they pollinate my fruit trees, but the starlings I could live without.

  2. Good job. You know its good because no one will notice you've been there! I much prefer a job like this with a scaffold but it doesnt happen very often. I bet you were up and down that ladder all day

  3. Good work Michael, we have loft living squirrels here in Scotland to along with birds and bats :)