Saturday, June 22, 2013

You meet the nicest people on Craigslist . . .

No really, you really do. Turns out that we decided to sell the old Mazda as having 4 cars since I bought the Dodge is just to many to juggle. The Mazda from 94 with 200 thousand miles was just not worth a lot even though it essentially was a solid rust free car. It needed new tires, the back brake lines were getting a bit crispy and registration had to be renewed this month anyhow. So on to Craigslist it is.
As expected, you get the steady stream of yahoos and mooks calling with champagne tastes and beer budgets. I am talking the cheap beer fast thrills crowd here. What else can you expect when you list a 20 yr old car for 1200 dollars?
The first to jump and actually come and see it was a shady sounding character with a voice that tells you he's been rode hard and put away wet. But once you get to chatting with the fellow he really grows on you. Happiest, funniest easy going contented man you could meet. A real comedian in every sense of the word. He had us cracking up with every other word he spoke. I mean the kind of laughter that makes your gut ache. We soon learned his colorful story which includes a criminal history spanning over 50 years , 73 arrests and 10 cumulative yrs in prison. High seas adventures running boatloads of dope from Jamaica in the 1970s. Seems he got himself straightened out 12 yrs ago and uses the subject of his misadventures to perform as an on-stage comedian / motivational speaker under the name of Felon O'Reilly. He has also authored a book telling his life story.
We agreed on a price of ten dead Benjamins (cash of course) and he drove away with old Mazda . Check out his web site at A search on youtube under his name will provide you with a few short clips of his on stage performances.


  1. He'd certainly have some interesting material to pull from!

  2. Congrats! 1K more in the clay-pìg to help finish your plane...