Sunday, July 1, 2018


We went to a wedding yesterday .
Maria , my wife's niece , and Dominic , her long time sweetheart , were married .
Mia and her dad Gilles "walk down the isle", even I was a little overcome
Trouble is that when I think of Mia , it's that little nine year old girl with the long brown hair in this photo taken sixteen years ago at my wedding that comes to mind .
And these two pretty ladies . . .
 . . . are these two children  . . .  Mia's sister Abby , and cousin Kaylee . . . and for a jaded old cuss like me it's difficult to wrap my brain around this time-warp .
OK that's about as much soupiness as I can handle . .  Here is a photo of the background scenery . Tall ship booze cruises on Casco Bay . The center console powerboat that drove past just before the vows with the beer swilling crew hollering "RUN AWAY", made for some good laughs .
As this was one of the rare occasions when we are all together we did manage a family photo, though Gilles is missing as he went to find Abby for the official family portrait . The young fellow on the far left was not even born when we were married .The young man second from the right . . .
 is the little boy in the photo of the children at our wedding .
. . .  there that looks better without the riffraff  obstructing the view .
And our gift to the couple was some needle-point Annie had made .


  1. Replies
    1. Yea, and my brain is stuck somewhere back in 1975

    2. Well yea Rob, if you are in to all that gushy stuff ;-)

  2. That's a very nice wedding. I hope they make it work. The statistics are against them but it can be done.

    1. I am betting they will. They have been together since Mia was sixteen, through university and now grad school. They have been living together for the last four years actually down in your neck of the woods in Athens, Georgia. I am certain they have what it take to make it last.

  3. Athens is a nice place. We used to go down there to go shopping, it was an overnight trip. Seems like statistically, if they can make it past the first three years (one in six do), then the next big hurtle is the seven year mark. After that, the 20 year mark seems to be the kiss of death for a lot of marriages, but past that you usually make it til one or the other dies.

    1. Like I said, she is a good kid, they both are. Both come from good backgrounds and have good foundations. They know right from wrong. They have known each other since grade school. They have what it takes to make it.

  4. It is good to see people smiling! You have a beautiful family.