Saturday, July 7, 2018

We are carnivores . . .

. . . and we need to satisfy the primal urge .

The ingredients . . . the cut is inch and a quarter thick "chuck eye" with good marbling , far superior and more flavorful than any other . Dust it with Adobo.
The tool . . .  accept no substitute other than cast iron . A #10 Griswold at rip roaring full-tilt-boogie flame . Get your oven hot and broiler ready with the rack on its highest setting . Extractor hood on max setting .
Three to four minutes on one side , and then flip for another minute or two on the second side . Then in to the broiler for about five minutes .
That's what it looks like when it comes out
Remove steak and let rest for a couple minutes , meanwhile . . .
Throw a big chunk of butter in the pan
And a half cup of red wine . . .  de-glaze and reduce .
Pour over steak and serve with baked potato and salad .


  1. My kids tried being vegetarians for a few years, finally gave up on it.

    1. The question is; why would anyone want to be a vegetarian? I couldn't imagine how miserable life would be surviving on veggies alone. I have heard say that vegetarian is the indian name for bad hunter.

  2. Replies
    1. With a paddock full of sheep there is no reason Kev. I'd be tempted to cook one of those whole.