Saturday, September 18, 2021

Local Wildlife

 The local wildlife has been making an appearance recently

After about a ten year hiatus some critters are moving back into the neighborhood

 They have been making the rounds in everybody's yard including ours . 

Sighted these two sketchy looking ones followed by a haggard looking female of the species puffing on a smoke down at Eight Corners about a mile from the house .

This variety hauls around all their household accoutrements wherever it goes .

This one appears to have a racoon tail of some kind

Ten minutes later when I came back from gassing up the car they appeared to be getting ready to nest down in the local woods right across from Joe's Cafe .

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Warming up some Whistleberries

 Also seen at a the Bonnie Eagle car show

 Fixin some lunch , all time classics molasses bread in a can and baked beans .

Note the vacuum driven horn on the intake manifold

Friday, September 3, 2021

Seen recently at the Bonnie Eagle car show

A home built rig based on an LS Corvette engine and transmission .

And a couple spaces down from it a home-built reverse trike based on a Yamaha V-Max


Monday, August 30, 2021

No Electrons needed

Got us a new wor-shing machine

 A Gas-O-Line powered Maytag


Clothes wind up smelling like two stroke oil but no one seems to mind .

There that ought to piss Gretta off just a little bit  . . .
Since Blogger and YT are not playing nice , here's the video link of those viewing on a I-phone  .
Now you weenies don't go getting your panties in a bunch telling me about how the government ought to regulate household appliances .

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 This week's contest on BAT is for subscriber's choice of hood ornament

Chief Pontiac on the 1950 model has to be one of the better looking ones out there .

 Likely considered un-PC by the woke lib-tards today .

Took the photo at a car show about twenty years ago .

Monday, August 2, 2021

Meanwhile at the supermarket parking lot

 A Morris Minor two door saloon


Single piece windshield and horizontal grill slats makes it a post 1960 model with the 49 hp, 948 cc engine and a pucker factor inducing top speed of 75mph .


And the keys are right in it . The owner must figure any dingbat dumb enough to try to steal it could not sort out how to drive it anyhow .

Friday, July 30, 2021

Further Adventures in Chineseum . . . BMW sway bar links

 A couple months ago the front suspension on Annie's car started to rattle . As I don't drive it all that often it really was not foremost on my mind but eventually we narrowed the source of the clunking down to worn out sway bar links .

 So a month ago I ordered some new ones from Fleabay and when they arrived I gave the seller positive feed back and five stars for his prompt service and chucked them on my workbench where they got lost in the clutter . . . and there they remained sealed in the plastic bags on my bench gathering dust . . .

. . . until yesterday when I went to gas up the car for Annie and I just couldn't stand the rattle any more so I screwed my courage together to tackle that potential can of worms . 

Hey Look they have Zerks grease fitting which the original ones don't have . 

Hmmm OK . . . I suppose that's a good thing .

Waaaait . . . WTF is that ? look at that hole in that Zerk fitting . . . That's supposed to have a tiny little sprung ball in it to keep the grease inside the ball joint . . . and that one is missing . 

Yep , chineseum of the best kind .

So I jacked up the car , pulled the front driver's side wheel off and proceeded to remove the sway bar link . Top bolt required the use of a pickle fork to exert pressure on the somewhat loose ball joint in order to have enough resistance to unscrew the nut . But when I put the pickle fork on the lower ball the whole thing just came apart . 

OK . . . so that makes removal a whole lot less trouble as I can hold the ball with the Vice-Grips while I undoo the nut on the back side . Usually getting the old sway bar link off requires the use of a Sawzall to cut that ball stud off cause there is no way to keep them from spinning . 

Sometimes the man upstairs smiles at fools and gives us a break .

No wonder that thing was making a racket .

Cleaned the thing off on the wire wheel . Look at the state of that ball . That has been compromised for quite some time to get that pitted . 

Greased and installed the new link with the two good Zerks fittings on the driver's side . The passenger side appears to be a replacement and still seems to be tight so I will wait to replace that one till I can find a new Zerk fitting for it . . . Took the car for a spin and the clunking is now gone .

The appearance of competence is intoxicating .

 Now about those Toyota front brake calipers on my bench . .