Thursday, May 23, 2024

Damned Tree Rats . . .


Heard someone gnawing on the house about five AM this morning , so after my morning coffee I got my extension ladder and went to see what it was all about .

Seems one of the local tree rats has found a pleasing taste to the lead flashing cap on the fascia returns . They run up the telephone pole by the curb and across the wire to the house .

As we are in an urban setting and feeding them some more lead with the 22 would likely get me in trouble this was the best I could do for now .


Added three wraps of twelve inch wide aluminum flashing to the telephone pole to keep the tree rats from climbing up the pole . Seems to do the job too. Spray painted it tan so it would not be so obnoxious flashing in the sunlight . 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bonny Eagle 5/19/24 Car Show

 Despite being a gray day , and chasing some electron gremlins in the Volvo , we got brave and made the thirty minute ride over to Bonny Eagle for the car show last Sunday . We were told there were over five hundred cars there , so it was impossible to photograph them all . We did do a quick walk through the American Muscle car section that had tons of Mustangs, Corvettes , Camaros , Chevelle's and GTOs of all flavors , but as it's not really what motivates me I did not get any photos of them .

Here are some of the ones I found interesting .

We got to park among some fine British convertibles .

The only Volvo besides ours was Joe Kendal's pristine 1971 142 .

One of the ones that caught my eye was this 1975 Super Beetle , as my first car was exactly this in grasshopper green .

An earlier highly modified Bug .

And a nearly original sixties vintage one .

A 4WD double cab Synchro imported from Holland by this lady .

Even a crazy custom sand rail .

What externally appears to be a Bug is not at all. In fact it is some kind of UTV with a bug tub on it .

There were of course some higher brow vintage examples like this mint 1967 Mercedes 250 .

A couple mint seventies vintage Datsun Z cars being worked on by Andrew and Krystal at Moto-Resto on Warren avenue .

Our friends Marty and Margaret were brave to ride his home built Mini-Moke all the way from Ossipee NH in the drizzle . This is NOT a factory built Moke . This is something Marty built from scratch , from a pile of parts he collected over the years . Frame and sheet metal are all his own handy work .

Using the "sewing machine motor" and drive-line pulled from his Mini-Cooper when he replaced that for the Mazda engine in it now .

Among the other special interest types was this smart Ford Van conversion .

This Cab Over Engine except now its a mid engine .

And a wild WW2 vintage Jeep with some kind of Caterpillar turbo diesel on airbags .

An old International Harvester wrecker .

And a 55 Chevy rat truck . . .

. . .  with a unique finish that really really popped in the rain .

A 37 Packard with no finish .

 A crazy chopped and slammed Pontiac Silver Streak . . .

. . . that really caught my eye . . .

. . . perhaps because the lines are not all that different than my own Volvo .

Chief Pontiac Hood ornament gleaming in the drizzle .

With no windows that will surely be a wet ride home .

 No I'd never do this to my Volvo .

This had to be without a doubt the noisiest machine there . The engine is a humongous Detroit diesel from an old airport snow blower .

There were of course some much more refined and expertly done up vehicles .

As was this most meticulously restored 67? Ford F100 . The owner was able to track down the original 93 year old owner and share with him a book with all the photos of the restoration .

 A lovely 110 inch Landrover in classic blue

An immaculate 1980 Toyota Celica 


with less than 60K miles on the clock .

A couple of 4WD right hand drive Japanese domestic market Mitsubishi Vans

 An eight foot bed early Ford ranger with a small block V8 in mint condition


 A late model Subaru WRX that like so many of them blew a head gasket at 200K miles  . . .

. . . . so the owner replaced it with a 6.2 liter Vortec / LS V8


A behemoth Lincoln Cosmopolitan survivor that the owner managed to sell at the show .

Probably the oldest car at the show was this 1913 Buick with carbide gas headlights that will be in for a wet ride back to Parsonsfield .

Awards done by 2 pm , Marty and Margaret head out back to Ossipee in the rain .

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Velveeta Cheese America . . .

 Just outside my living room window . . .

. . . a Bernnie - Bro poser on his electric push bike in full virtue signaling theatrical costume . . .

You just know he has an unrestrained crush on Gretta Thunberg . 

(and I am trying my best to be polite here)

Hey at least we know he is fully vaxxed  . . .