Thursday, May 23, 2024

Damned Tree Rats . . .


Heard someone gnawing on the house about five AM this morning , so after my morning coffee I got my extension ladder and went to see what it was all about .

Seems one of the local tree rats has found a pleasing taste to the lead flashing cap on the fascia returns . They run up the telephone pole by the curb and across the wire to the house .

As we are in an urban setting and feeding them some more lead with the 22 would likely get me in trouble this was the best I could do for now .


Added three wraps of twelve inch wide aluminum flashing to the telephone pole to keep the tree rats from climbing up the pole . Seems to do the job too. Spray painted it tan so it would not be so obnoxious flashing in the sunlight . 


  1. I have an idea Mike, cut the wares and cables off of your house, presto bingo the tree rats won't be able to reach the flashing...

    1. As much as I'd love to cut the wires and not have to pay Central Maine Power Company for electrons, its simply not an option. I did however wrap the telephone pole with three rows of twelve inch wide aluminum flashing and since the traffic up the pole has ceased all together. So that seemed to be a solution. I'll edit the post and put up a photo of that.