Sunday, March 15, 2020

Swarms of locust , calamity , pandemic , disater . . .

Monday last I got a call from mom saying she could not get out of the driveway .

Seems the recent winds had some fun with the old tractor shed and we had the Hindenburg laying across the driveway .
Dad built this thing out of scrap strapping and tarps about fifteen years ago and there was really not much solid to it any more .
It was not worth saving and I really don't like to keep the old Ford so close to the road where someone can decide they need it more than we do . Rolling it back on its feet and getting it back in place would finish breaking it apart , so the best solution was to dismantle it .
Mom was all excited as she had all sorts of scrap tarp pieces for her firewood piles .
Not much left after I spend a couple hours picking it apart .
Fortunately I had thought to bring a couple toys with me , so after chuffing down a bite to eat , I took a walk to the other end of the property . . .
 . . . to make some noise .
... yea I'm blind as a bat .

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Emerging from hibernation

Got to love all this globular warming.
A bit early , but we have the first flowers of the season under the kitchen window .
 As most of the snow is gone and I can once again open the doors to the Volvo shed , I unhooked the trickle charger , rolled the Volvo out , squirted some gas in the carbs and it fired up on the first turn . Pumped up the tires , wiped off five months dust and . . .
. . . . took a ride out to Kettle Cove for a walk on Crescent Beach .
By 5:30 pm we had the Volvo packed away safely in the shed again .