Friday, January 3, 2020

Food porn . . . .

Random photos taken while cooking . . . .

Asparagus , they are supposed to be good for you . . . especially tasty when cooked in bacon fat with salt, pepper , garlic and nutmeg .
Steak and Portobello mushrooms under the broiler
Cilantro and garlic sauce for dressing , with roast chicken , tomatoes and mozzarella
Left over pot roast works well too
Roast Chicken , Kalmatta Olives , Pickled Red Peppers
Smelts in butter
Asparagus tips , Brussels-sprouts and taters about to go in the oven
Hand-pies filled with minced pork spices and dried cranberries 
Massive three bite scallops done with butter and brandy . . .
On the plate
Lamb-burgers on the grill
On a ciabatta roll with blue cheese salad dressing , pickled onions and avocado
One duck egg on whole wheat toast
Flank steak on the grill
Ready to serve
 . . . and then there is this . .
 . . bought it on a lark twenty odd years ago while in Newfoundland and have not been brave enough to open it .