Friday, August 4, 2023

Oil Tank Chapter Two - the disposal

 Last December I swapped out our old heating oil tank as it had started to rust from the inside and developed some weeps . 

That evening we got word mom went into the hospital with A-Fib .  (Can you say Clot Shot?) 

So we dropped everything and had to attend to that and pretty much been at that since . So I pushed the old and now mostly empty tank aside and left it in the basement to deal with some other day . Wednesday was the day. So I flipped the tank on its side , removed the legs and screwed the 2 X 4 skids on it and rolled it on pipes across the basement to the dog house stairs .

Rigged up Come-Along hooked to the fence post outside and a piece of plywood on the stairs

After some grunting and a few choice expletives the pig started to come up the plywood

Some old floppy polyethylene cutting boards helped ease thing over the hangups

Til it came over the threshold

Easy going once we got it here

OK now what to do with this thing ?

For a moment I thought maybe turn it into some yard art just to piss off the neighbors . But that would be a royal pain in the ass to mow around . So I figured I'd sleep on the idea and sort out what to do about it in the morning .

So on Thursday I rolled it under the shade of the pine tree in the back yard and went at it with the Saws-All

Yes I wore earplugs

Too much like work for an old geezer

Took about a half hour to get all the way around the tank

UFF ! What a mess ! Must be seventy five years of sludge in there .

Eat your heart out Gretta !

Poured in a couple bags of Speedy-Dry absorbent (Diatomaceous Earth)

Mixed and scraped with a shovel

Took three bags to get it cleaned out

Shoveled the stuff back into the bags for disposal

Now to find someone who recycles scrap metal . 275 pounds of good steel right there . 

Here is the live action shot of all the noise . 

The direct YT link just in case google messes it up