Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Off to the Volvo Ball

 Saturday September 30th was the long anticipated Volvo Club of Maine gathering at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum . 

 After several weeks of working on the PV it was as ready as I would ever get it for the club's gala event of the year . Newly refinished wheels , new tires , new brakes and a rub down with an oily rag just to dazzle the gullible .

Our friends Laura and Peter Gordon joined us for the two hour ride north to the museum with their 240. An hour into the ride we make a much needed "pit stop" just south of Wiscasset .

A mile later as we roll through town the odometer turns over the hundred thousand mark before I notice it . It's OK , the car really has twenty nine thousand miles less than indicated as the odometer was a replacement with higher indicated miles as the original was making noise .

Got to the museum about a quarter past ten in the morning and parked next to one of Alan Prosser's beautifully restored 122s

Alan does exquisite work 

A few minutes later Alan drives in with his second mint 123S

Looks just like it did when it left the assembly line sixty odd years ago .

No detail left unattended

More Volvos than you could shake a stick at

Some even sporting art work

At two pm after events at the museum were concluded we all drove over to Duncan and Naomi's place in St George for the big lobster feed .

 And lined them all back in a row

In a spectacular location

all kinds of them really

Including this wild work in progress by Thomas Broome of Independent Auto in Augusta

With a 2 . 5 liter long stroke Volvo Penta block with a sixteen valve head and temporary down draft Penta marine carbs that preclude idling below 3K rpm or closing the hood while he waits for new jets and needles for his side draft Webbers .

And a mint later 240 sedan I am told a recent "barn find"

 Good times were had by all .

Peter even managed to get a shot of me while stuffing my face with a mud bug .