Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Building a Gantry crane

 This week's mission was to get 400 lbs of thickness planer into a basement workshop .

After a run to the lumberyard we started making sawdust

Took most of the morning to build a pair of these
and one of these .  .  .

Rolled the planer in place in front of the basement bulkhead and assembled our home built gantry crane

After a quick run to the hardware store for some shackles . . .

The Chineseum chain hoist from Harbor-Fright picks up the weight nicely. . .

and delivers it . . .

. . .  nicely onto its base at floor level in the cellar .

One happy customer

And other than today's very sore back , no major blood letting injuries .

Now about those swamp rats in DC . . . We built this rig so it is modular and highly portable . It can be set up and broken down in a matter of about five minutes in any public square .