Friday, September 23, 2022

New carpet for the PV544

 The rubber mats in the Volvo were looking a bit ratty after sixty years of abuse .

Yea I could order a new set from VP Autoparts , but where's the fun in that when Marden's discount has all I need for about twenty five dollars .

Got about eight square feet of nice soft black leather for twelve dollars and started tailoring.

Not bad for a first try .

Took a couple tries before I got it to fit right

A bit better the second time around

Another twelve dollars of carpet was easy enough to cut to shape but looked a bit plain


 Did manage to get a nice seam on the back of the gearshift boot .

So I added some leather trim to spiff it up a bit

There that's a bit nicer 

The knob was something I made out of black walnut about forty years ago for my first Beetle and somehow managed to hang on to it all these years . Changed out the nut to fit the Volvo gear stick and added the shift pattern badge I found in the spares box .

I glued the carpet to some rubber door mats to add some more body and weight to them.

  Took the non functioning radio out and was lucky to find a cover plate in mint shape also in dad's junk pile .

Managed to repair the old radio but since I got used to not having one I will leave it out for now . Not much for music I care to listen to these days and no sense in ruining a nice drive listening to the sewage mainstream media passes off as news these days .


Even made a "Art Deco" tray out of an old bakers cooling rack and some varnished dowels to park the phone on .

Pearl approves .