Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If we only had some Global Warming

This is the scene that greeted us when we opened the blinds this morning.
That is what they call a blizzard. Sustained winds over 35 MPH for more than three hours and white out conditions.
 Things were desperate enough that the Snowbirds were feeding from the feeder.
and fighting each other for the few seeds available in the box.
Twelve hours in to a predicted 30 hour storm our neighbor Ralph was out trying to put a dent in the accumulation.
So I figured I better go out and get to it as well
One eyed snow blowing gets a bit tricky
Eventually I got the driveway partially cleared and tackled the back side of the house
And the patio, between 18 to 20 inches accumulation from twelve hours of blizzard.
 Gave the birds some seed but it was gone in no time flat
And they were all back to scrounging the droppings from the feeder at the kitchen window
A dove pecking at the snow
And the Snowbird back on the feeder.
Four hours later it's like I never did anything.
Driveway is socked in again
Drifts piling up between the house and garage.
Hope I can start the snow-blower in the morning. It quit on me rather suddenly this afternoon I suspect wet ignition.
Frost on the front foyer door
Lower down
Same one with the flash this time

Now if we could just have some of that dang global warming they keep trying to blame me for.
 So I guess we will have to make due with, pork ribs with onions, carrots, little tomatoes, and potatoes dressed with salt, pepper, olive oil and tarragon for 45 minutes in an oven at 500 deg F.
Two to four more Nor-Easters forecast for the next two weeks. First one will be this Friday with over a foot of snow expected.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Dacryocystitis: An infection of the lacrimal sac, secondary to obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct at the junction of lacrimal sac.

Woke up on Friday with a swollen lower eye lid. I figured I had rubbed my eyes with dirty hands and got something in there, but it could also be the results of the lingering sinus issues from the flu I came down with over Christmas.
By Saturday morning it was twice as swollen and the upper lid was affected as well. Annie urged we go to the new Clear Choice urgent care clinic in town.
We were there first thing as they opened the doors at 8 am. An hour later after a very thorough examination by the superb Dr Carter and his EMT assistant we walked out with a diagnosis, a 150.00$ charge on the insurance plan and a prescription for ocular antibiotics. Can't say enough good about Dr William Carter. He really took the time to be thorough and is the first doctor I have dealt with to really listen and take the time to explain things.
110.00$ for 5 milliliters, our cost 10.00 thanks to insurance.  Hope it does the job as I'd rather not take oral antibiotics.
Meanwhile the Finches and Snowbirds were having a party in the snow
Snowbird would rather eat the seed on the ground than eat from the feeder.
They don't seem to mind the box on the tool shed.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stretching a meal

One 14 $ 3 lb  roast of beef
With potatoes onions tomatoes in the oven for two and a half of hours at 275 deg F

Next day

 Cube the left over roast beef
Brown in duck fat, brown a half an onion
Pour in 3/4 of a bottle of cheap Merlot and let it simmer for three hours. Add some baby Portobello mushrooms for the last half hour.
Served with polenta it hits the spot on a cold winter night.

Next day
Sweat down an onion
Take the left over stew and mince it up
Add it to the onions
Add one large diced tomato
And a large handful of chopped cilantro
Left over polenta gets cubed and tossed in a pan with olive oil till crispy
A third delicious meal
With enough left over to make a sandwich on a cibatta bun next day.
Who says you can't eat good without spending a ton of money?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Some neighbors just can't help but be ass-holes

Over the last few years, on a regular basis, someone has deliberately been throwing fast food trash in my driveway and lawn. Usually a half eaten hamburger, soda cup, beer and soda cans, styrofoam take-away half full of Chinese left overs, or paper bags full of Wendie's or McDonald's rubbish. This morning when I opened the bedroom blind I spotted a slice of pizza in the driveway.
Like the previous events, not just at the edge of the road but quite purposefully flung up the driveway close to the garage.
A half eaten slice of pizza
I can't prove it but from his deranged behavior, I am certain it is George Anderson, one over across the street. When we first moved here, we heard his sob story and like all others took pity on him and helped him when he needed it. Annie arranged for him to have a new sleep apnea machine when his broke. Garden produce and food was shared with him. Knowing he was unable due to his excessive weight, I even repaired his roof  for no charge when you could see daylight coming through and a big storm was on his way. Like all others on the street we soon learned he likes to stab people in the back when he no longer feels he can get things from them for nothing. About 7 years ago he suddenly started giving me the one finger salute for no apparent reason. I confronted him about this and only earned a long string of insults and threats and some nonsensical comment about me and my tree causing trouble, which I promptly reported to the police. We then suffered several incidents of vandalism among which included a small home made explosive device thrown in our driveway and painting one of our trees with blaze orange marks as if to indicate an order to cut down. Checking with the electric power company and public works proved they did not order this. His deranged behavior includes photographing the neighbor's kids and wife while on their back deck, as well as legal action two years ago to take possession of a narrow wedge of their property beyond the hedge he had been mowing since before they bought the house. This cost them over ten grand in legal defense fees and in due course prompted them to sell the house and move away. More recently George has taken to sitting in is truck in his driveway just staring at us if we are out doing yard work or deliberately driving by multiple times as slowly as possible and just staring with what can only be described as very disturbing and hateful grimace. We simply ignore him and carry on.
How do you get rid of this kind of bully?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Critter tracks in the snow

One fat waddling Opossum
A post-holing cat
Hard to walk in snow with stumpy legs
Thirty four doves came for supper today, highest count yet.
When they cleared out the seed on the floor a bunch of them tried to crowd in to the feeder box.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Colder than a witch's tit in a brass brassiere

7:15 am today
10.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero
For you metric weenies that's 23.6 degrees Celsius below zero.
Rhododendron bush leaves outside the kitchen window curled up like cigarettes
Mudroom windows frosted over
Even the bedroom windows which are double paned insulated had a thick layer of frost on the inside, proving how well our new accordion pleated blinds work.
Only good news is gasoline prices are the lowest they have been in 6 years. From a high of over 4 $ a gallon we are down to 2:17$. Here is yesterday's fill up bill. Got to love that.