Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pimping up the Volvo shed .

Friday morning I scored some salvaged rough cut hemlock barn boards we had set aside from a remodel project I had done for a neighbor a couple years ago . And it was just what I needed to dress up the Volvo shed .
Made for a fun Friday afternoon project .
 A couple years back when I enclosed my wood shed to keep the old Volvo out of the weather I used some salvaged glass doors from another project , but quickly found they let in way too much sunshine . So I have always had to cover the glass with something to keep the sun from burning up the paint on the car .
There that's much better and softens the harsh look a bit too .
Got it done just in time cause on Saturday morning the weather turned foul again .
Glass doors are still there to keep the weather out , but the bulk of the sunshine has been blocked .