Saturday, May 29, 2021

Another Chimney Cap

 For the house this time , as the one that has been on it for the last ten years was only a quick and dirty makeshift aluminum sheet job that got forgotten for too long and was beginning to rattle in the wind a bit too much .

So I scrounged through my stock of scrap steel to see what I could come up with and found some gray two inch wide channel iron I must have dumpster dove for at some point long enough ago to have forgotten about .

After some measuring and cutting , some beating with the two pound hammer to fold one flange over

I tack together a roughly sixteen by twenty inch frame with my chinesium stick welder so it fits over the top of the chimney .

And after some more fiddling come up with this rig . The sharp eyed among you will recognize the ridge as part of an old box spring bed .

A quick test fit

And a quick blast of Rustoleum hides most of my chicken-shit welding

If you don't stand too close it looks OK , yea the front of the frame has a curve to it to fit the corresponding curve in the bricks on the chimney .

Cut , score and fold some 20 ga stainless steel sheeting I rescued from a dumpster a few years ago .

120 grit in the random orbital sander buffs out most of the scratches and gives it the brushed look .

Some polyurethane caulking 

And clamp the crap out of it overnight

Next morning set it out in the sun for a couple of days to cook-off the polyurethane a bit .

Built like a brick out-house, not bad for a hack , almost looks like we knew what we was doing .

And it even fits the chimney

See that's the curvy side where back in 1937 the brick layer was polishing of the last six-pack , fits perfect .

And the gratuitous shot showing my two-toned roof job on the barn .

I love it when a plan comes together , no more rattling in the wind , and it will likely outlive me .

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Origo 1500

 Or spending money I don't need to .

 But you see , I have a thing for Bunsen burners . . . and this critter is made of unobtanium cause they stopped making them a few years ago . As he was ten minutes from my house , contact was made with the seller , a time and place was agreed upon . The transaction , having a bit of the sketchiness of a drug deal , went down at lunch time at the Amato's parking lot  . . . . 


 . . . . Folks are asking crazy money for them

Actual current price point for used ones seems to be around 450 U$ . . . yea still stupid money .

It was a bit grungy from years of neglect and storage

Nothing a bit of spit and elbow grease couldn't fix in about a half hour

A bit of Twinkle and Meguiar's Mirror Glaze to be more precise

Looks like a million bucks now . Even the "land mine" canister reeks of Sparkle. 

And a quick test shows it to boil two cups of water in under five minutes .

Monday, April 19, 2021

Back By Popular Demand. . .

 Yea so I've been slacking for a bit and my devoted followers , all three of them , have been complaining about my absence . . . . . . sheesh the things I have to do ! ! ! ! !

OK guys . . . I'll throw you a bone . . .

So there I was on a sunny Sunday a week ago making space in my tool shed to put away my snow blower . This involves chucking out most of the crap from the shed , evicting the mice that have taken up residence and rearranging all my junk to make space for the snow blower . Thrilling stuff eh ?

  When I got the call to go play with the Bonanza . . .  Well yea  !  

So I chuck all that crap back in the shed real quick and meet Clint at the airport thirty minutes later .

 Seems the autopilot had developed a mind of its own and it had been in the shop to have the servos replaced , so we needed to test it . We also needed to update the software for the Garmin radios. 

So we moved the plane out of the hangar so the radios could see the satellites and locate itself . 

Loaded the updates in the radios , fired up the engine and got our clearance from the tower .

A quick takeoff on runway 18 puts us over Rigby Yard in South Portland .

And soon over Scarborough . . . the red arrow points at my house .

When we engage the autopilot it quickly proves it is still on the fritz .  As soon as we switch it on the plane initiates a steep climb and wants to do its own aerobatic sequence . . . . Yikes that's not good . . . Switch it off . . . Electric trim is also doing what ever it wants now . . . . OK that's enough of that .

We did get the Garmin to talk to the I-pad so we have real time image on the approach plates as we set up to do a practice approach into runway 11 .
This is what it looks like once we are on short final and initiate the missed approach .
And as we turn downwind for runway 18 over Portland

and turning base to final for landing on runway 18

Just a short figure eight around the patch .