Friday, November 12, 2021

Bookshelves and Barn Doors

 The next step after enclosing the lolly column in last chapter was to add a low set of book shelves.

This is the part where my knees remind me they are most unhappy

But the results are pleasing to the customer and builder alike

The view from the back hall 

As I need to mill a bunch of round nosings on the shelves I actually remember to bring my router .

Shelve extensions are added to the unit and nosings for the shelves carry over to help support them .

Once again the results are promising .

Ties things in together nicely .

Next on the list are barn doors . So I biscuit joint and edge glue a mess of 1 X 8 into three foot wide boards and let them set over the weekend .

The general idea comes together .

Install the rail for the doors .

 And do a preliminary hang of the doors now with the cross bracing installed .

Not half bad for a hack .

Make about a hundred and fifty plugs

Plug all the screw holes on the cross bracing .

Looking a bit stubbly there .

Shave all the plugs flush , sand and poly . One coat of sealer and three of polyurethane .

After most of the week spent sanding and polyurethaning in the garage the doors come back inside .

Everyone is pleased with the results

Still needs some tweaking  and assorted hardware to keep the doors on track at the bottom .

Most of the time it will live on the open position . The bookshelves will be painted white to match the rest of the trim in the space .

Considering that this was the starting point . . .

I'd say it looks a whole lot more civilized .


  1. Replies
    1. Well , its done ... mostly ... unless they come up with more for me to do .

  2. I am going to parrot Peter, very well done, sir! I can see one thing I would do different, is seal and poly the bookcase, as it stands now a nice counter point and ties in with the barn doors and does not distract from the room color, I think it enhances it Mike.

    1. I could go either way. I think white would contrast with the wood doors well. But in the end it is not for me to decide. And that's always the bitter sweet part. You put your heart and soul into it and then have to walk away from it and all you have left is the photographs.

  3. Also, I am a sucker for good wood to show it's character and not paint it or stain too heavy

    1. There is already quite a bit of wood in that house.
      Five years ago I did this.

  4. You are an artist, M, and no bones about it.

    1. Now don't you go mixing me up with them patchouli perfume , oil of petunia , tie-die T-shirt lib-tards . And the only bones around here are my own aching ones. ;-)

  5. Have a wonderful and prosperous Thanksgiving to you Mike and your family!

    1. Thank you Kevin. And to you too. We are just laying low and staying out of the fray for the time being .