Saturday, April 27, 2024

Sometimes you actaully meet some normal kids . . . .

 . . . and some actually have some talent . Kinda gives you some hope .

We've been having these casual Thursday evening cruise-ins at the local Cabelas for about a year now . I attended a few last fall , and after a winter respite we are back on again as the weather allows . A couple events ago I met this kid with a camera by the name of Connor . Seemed to be able to hold more than a monosyllabic conversation and that immediately put him above your average cat . 

Here are some nice photos he took of my Volvo.

Go over to his new Substack page and check it out . Seems he can actually write a logical coherent thought and is looking for a toe into the automotive publication world .


Thursday, April 18, 2024

62 years in time

"Progress is well and fine. . . but its gone on for far too long"

The man said he powered his house with it last week when the ice storm took down the power lines.