Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Trailer abuse

Apparently a half cord of hardwood is a bit much for the little 4X8 trailer
Dad had found this old abandoned trailer behind his old college fraternity when they were doing a final clean up before deeding the building over to the college about twenty five years ago . He had put a new box on it that saw several years of use and exposure to the weather . After stepping though the floorboards while moving firewood , I built a new box on it last fall and put it to some use this year . Then shortly after hauling a half cord of firewood up to mom's I noticed the right side wheel was setting a bit cattywompus . I guess that would put a stop to all hauling activities until I fix it .
The prospect of lying under the thing to repair it was just not appealing , so time to rig up my old home made gantry crane in the barn , and make this a more pleasant job .
The axles are just stubs welded on to some U channel . Here you can see the ten degree bend it took on from carrying too much weight .
Take the wheels off and remove the axle assembly
A bit of grinding reveals the joint where it opened up
Then some persuading with a portable , manually operated , optically guided , inertial impact delivery device does the trick to close the gap and delete the bend   . . . never hit it harder , get a bigger hammer . . .
A bit of sketchy welding ties it all back together .
A couple sets of new U bolts
And it's back in place
Couple hours of work . . .  the hardest part was chasing down the new U bolts
As my electric winch does not have a reverse, yea it's a cheap Chinese POS, I rig up my block and tackle .
and start . . .
. . . to lower it back down on the wheels
Easy does it .
Back on terra firma again .
There good as new .
Back in service again .


As I mentioned previously, last fall I rebuilt the box on the trailer . I thought I had posted about it but I guess with the storm in October and dad's passing It got by me . So here are some photos of that project .
Like I said I was moving some firewood for mom last fall and I stepped right through the floor boards
Sides were in pretty rough shape too
So those came off as well and I ground the rust off the frame and hit it with some Permatex rust converter .
Then some rattle can truck bed liner .
And painted it with some rattle can green paint .
Cut and painted up some new sideboards out of three quarter inch plywood
Bottom and sides drying on the saw horses . Used some real stinky oil based floor enamel .
Twelve dollars bought us a new wiring harness from Harbor Fright
Made, painted and installed new stakes. Must have done the job before the October storm as my fence is still all one color .
And got her done , mostly, though I still need to put proper rails on it to protect the top edge of the plywood.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Gone to Paris . . .

 . . . Paris Hill that is,
 . . . as in Paris Maine.
To look at some fancy cars that are part of Bob Bahre's private collection . Mr Bahre made his fortune as the builder and proprietor of the Oxford Plains Speedway here in Maine , as well as the Loudon Speedway in New-Hampshire . Every year on Paris Hill Founders Day , the third week in July , he opens the doors for the public to view his exquisite collection of vehicles . All proceeds go to fund . .
. . .  the Hamlin Library on the grounds next to . . .
. . . his private estate on Paris Hill , which just happens to be the birthplace of Hannibal Hamlin , who served as vice president under Abraham Lincoln .
The first automobile you see in the driveway is a nicely restored Ford model A
The grounds are quite spectacular as well
The view from the top of the hill
Looking down at the building that houses the main part of the collection . The upper building just to our left as we enter the gates of the estate houses some of the earlier specimens .
The 1810 Victoria carriage that belonged to Martin Van Buren which he used while he campaigned to become the 8th President of the United States .
The 1835 Victoria Studebaker carriage used in the filming of Gone With The Wind . Yes , Clark Gable's derriere sat in that one .
A 1903 Oldsmobile
A 1914 Baker
Powered by a 48 volt General Electric motor . Got the Tesla beat by a hundred years .
A 1916 Ford Model T recent Barn Find
And just to the left of the Model T a Thomas Flyer from 1910
And to the right a Panhard Levasor also from 1910
The plaque
A Stutz Bearcat from 1914
As we make our way down the long drive to the larger building there are some cars on display outside on the outer apron .
A magnificent old bus , a 1915 Lippard-Stewart .
A Duesenberg racer
From 1931
And just next to that my favorite a  . . .
. . . 1933 Auburn Boat tail roadster . . .
The ultimate gangster car
And a 1932 Stutz
Across from it a 1929 Issota Fraschini
And skipping a couple generations a 1957 DKW
And a 1951 Studebaker
As we enter the building on the right a 1940 Mercedes Benz . . .
Once owned by the King of Norway seen here transporting Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill and the King.
And a 1940 Duesenberg , the last Dusenberg ever produced .
A 1933 Rolls-Royce
 Henley Roadster . .
a 1931 Packard
And another Packard of similar vintage
And a 1941 Packard
And another Packard from 1934
That was designed for Clark Gable
Another 1934 Packard
With in flight entertainment and libations for the passengers
And another 34 Packard Coupe
A 32 Packard
And another one from 1932
And yet another one
And another Packard
And another one . . . Packard was definitely flavor of the month
OK , finally something different , an Alfa-Romeo from 1938
The other side of the Alfa
Next to the Alfa was the 1948 Tucker engine display
a 1931 . .
Mercedes-Benz racer
And a Duesenberg Lycoming engine
Three of them actually
and a 1951 Ewing racer
and to the left of the Duesenberg engines a  . . .
1947 Delahaye
The front office on the Delahaye
Reportedly the most valuable vehicle of the collection purchased for three million dollars .
Makes the green 1934 Hispano-Suiza look pedestrian
And a 1934 Cadillac
The original Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang Mercedes . . .
One of three from 1921
 the 1915 Mercedes-Benz 230 hp inline six Aero-Engine
This is the car that inspired Ian Fleming , yes the same guy that wrote James Bond , to pen the original Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang book .
A pair of Duesenbergs the tan one a 1929 and the one on the right a 1939
A 1934 SJ Duesenberg
The interior of the 34
A 37 Duesy
The tan 32
and I'll leave you with the 1949 Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle .

I think I got most of them before the battery on my camera died . The collection is far bigger than what is seen here . Many more cars were in the restoration shop one level below the display area as well as off site , though that was not open for public viewing .

Post Script:

There were a few cars brought by visitors on display on the grounds outside the estate that I photographed as we first arrived .
A bright 1930s Packard
A nicely restored Triumph TR3
A trio of convertibles stars with the white MGA
A 64 (I think) Austin Heally 3000
A 1962 Austin Heally 3000 that once had a tree growing though it restored by Jim Begin
With a dragon wrenching on the engine.
And a slick looking BMW coupe.
OK that's it for now . . .