Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Best mouse trap

Seems every fall we have an issue with field mice in the barn where we store dad's old 1962 Volvo . They find a way to get in and chew the small wires and the interior upholstery . They do a lot of damage . The overdrive is now non operative as they chewed the wire to the solenoid that engages it . To repair it I will need to disconnect the drive shaft and lower the transmission in order to access the top of the transmission where the wire was chewed . We have tried just about every deterrent in the book but nothing seems to stop the mice . So more aggressive methods were in order .
 Remove the wire handle on a five gallon plastic bucket and straighten it . Drill two holes near the edge on opposite sides of the bucket . With an ice-pick punch holes though the center of the ends of a beer can and thread it on the wire . Center it and add some small rubber O-rings to keep it centered on the wire . Slip the wire in to the holes you drilled in the bucket and bend the ends over to secure in place . Fill the bucket with about three inches of water . If you have below freezing temps use radiator antifreeze . Using a drywall screw and a two foot piece of wood add a ramp for the mice to climb up . And finally smear a thin ribbon of peanut butter around the middle of the can.
About one week's haul last November . They climb onto the can , it spins , they loose their balance and go for a swim . It is a simple system that keeps catching mice without need to be reset so you can leave it unattended for a few days and it keeps working . Works real well and seems to put a dent in the population that the local foxes don't seem to care to go after . So far it is the first year I have not found any mice inside the Volvo .