Saturday, February 9, 2013

Global warming???I think not.

Winter storm Nemo.
About 11 pm Friday night looking out the living-room window.
camera set on 400 asa no flash
According to Al Gore its so hot that maple tree should just about be ready to drop coconuts.
and out the other window on to First St
the tool shed 11 pm
The old Mazda covered after about 16 hours of snow. Annie shoveled the driveway twice already during the day removing about 6 inches each time while I lay in bed sweating out a fever. Not a good time to get sick. And as if that weren't enough the furnace pump is starting to screech and needs replacing.
7 am this morning out the kitchen window.
the back yard
about 4 feet of snow on the barn roof
Mazda covered... official count is 30 inches so far and more to come
that's not going to be fun
wish I could do like the bears.... just wake me up some time about end of April


  1. Just imagine how bad it would have been WITHOUT global warming!

  2. 30 inches is a lot of snow! we moan about 2 inches here! Snow day must be great if you get paid for them!