Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wings Over Wiscasset 2013

A mid week airshow is a bit odd but that is just what we had on Tuesday afternoon, so who am I to complain .  The Texas Flying Legends put on a little routine for the Wings over Wiscasset event at the Wiscasset airport. In addition to the WW2 war-birds There were a couple of aircraft on display.
 A Cessna Caravan on amphibian floats
A RV 12 the new LSA from the RV lineup.
And at the complete other end of the spectrum a turbine powered, 700hp, pressurized, all carbon "amateur-built" time machine with 27 thousand ft service ceiling from Lanceair.
A Texan T-6 Texan, the primary WW2 trainer also know in the UK as the Harvard.
A humongously ginormous TBM torpedo bomber. This is the type of plane George Bush father flew in the pacific theater and was shot out of in WW2 at Chichijima.
The Corsair
The ever classic P-51 Mustang
The P-40 Warhawk


  1. Cuantas cosas lindas pasan allá y con cuanta frecuencia...

    1. Cuando hay dinero se vuela, lo que no se es donde encontrarlo yo.

  2. Thank you for posting about our wonderful event and thank you for joining us on that beautiful day. Your pics are excellent. May I link our website to this blog?
    Dennis St. Pierre, Executive Producer, Wings Over Wiscasset

    1. Not a problem Dennis. Glad you like my page on your event. Please do post a link to this page on your site.