Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dreadful weather

It has been snow and ice just about every other day...
Made a bit of a cover for the birds by jamming a couple of pieces of plywood in the ice bank next to the tool shed, mostly to keep the snow from the bird seed but the doves seem to find it a convenient place to settle in for a bit.
the view out the kitchen window on to the patio
It started at 4 am. I shoveled the driveway three times already . . . and the weatherman promises that this crap will keep coming down though the night.
and they said the temps would also drop further. . . .


  1. Looks rough over there Michael , hope you have some inside work lined up , Happy new year ! while I'm here . Take care in that white stuff ;)

  2. That looks like no fun at all! It almost makes me glad of all the wind and rain we've been having!

  3. we have a bit of snow but i am afraid the storm is mostly going to miss us. i love this weather! you can send me yours!

  4. The dreary part is we haven't seen any real sunshine in weeks. Sun don't rise til 7 am and its pitch black by 4 pm. There is a reason they call this part of the county New England. wish I could just hibernate like the bears and wake up when its all over. We have over a foot since last night and it won't end until Friday some time. The they promise an other whopper for Sunday. Winter time work tends to be slow around these parts. And the holidays mess things up because no one wants you in the house making a mess. But there are a couple of smaller projects lined up for January and February and fortunately they are inside jobs.

  5. I am sure I would enjoy the change,,, for about five minutes!

    1. Yes I am sure it looks pretty from far away, far away being the operative words . Usually this kind of weather does not hit us this hard until February , this winter started in early December . After four weeks with virtually no sunshine your brain becomes muddled , soggy and morose . I might have to take up drinking.

  6. No snow in the Uk , just bloody rain..... Keep warm