Friday, May 9, 2014

Seedlings update

Manged to score a nice 10 inch tall Early Girl tomato plant at Wallyworld last week.
It was quite well along and had flower buds on it already
The tag on it indicates 50 days to maturity so in theory we should have tomatoes in a couple of months after it blooms.
Acorn and yellow squash is six inches long by now.
Spinach finally sprouted early this week
Lettuce is 2 inches tall by now. I definitely put way too many seeds in each peat pellet.
Mowed the lawn for the first time this year yesterday. The maples are just stating to bloom. Typical of this time of year, I'm doing trying to restore the salt and frost burned lawn along the edges of the property.
Every year its the same routine. I rake up the dead crab grass and loosen up the soil, spread insecticide, fertilizer and grass seed and cover with straw to keep the soil moist. As you can see I have yet to tackle the far corner where my neighbor's snow blowing dumps an unusual amount of sand and salt.  All the corners on my land seem to get an unusual beating each winter. Trucks run over lawn cutting the corner on the intersection, and the two far corners seem accumulate extraordinary amounts of sand and salt. Might try to vacuum some of the sand off those areas before restoring them. Also thinking about putting a spike strip on the outside corner so they learn to stay off it.
 To give you an idea of what I am going on about this is an aerial shot I took of out property last fall. Ours is the corner lot with the house and the gambrel roofed barn surrounded by the red stockade fence in the middle of the photo.


  1. Looks a nice area, decent sized plots. Do you get a lot of snow there? I only ask because you never seem to mention snow at every opportunity!

    I will be going back to Angola loaded with seeds and other stuff for the garden. I am also going to buy a deep pie maker, parts for the Jeep, I am sure the list will keep growing!

    Ah, I note from your Live Traffic Feed I am now a 'Visitor from London'!

  2. Snow seems to be done for now, but temps are still dropping in to the mid 30s F at night. Just this week we still got a frost warning on the weather forecast. Growing season only lasts about 3 months here. So no planting outside yet. By mid September its all over. The days are quite long now, sun rise about 4:45 and setting at 8:30 pm. So the lawn, what survived the winter is getting nice and green. It will all be over way to soon, and once again I shall regale you with more complaints about snow. Yes as you are now piping in to the web from London you are now classified as British, much to the chagrin of all UK citizens. I imagine the UK tax man shall soon be coming after your arse, or whats left of it now that you are back in Blighty availing yourself of their medical services.

  3. Ha. Planted two weeks ago. Expecting a foot tomorrow!

    1. a foot of snow?? bloody hell!! but I suppose that's what you get in the mountains of Colorado

  4. Don't joke about the taxman, I'll have a bloody relapse and never get out of hospital!

    1. No we wouldn't want that. Hope you heal up quick and make it back home before they catch up to you and shackle your ankle to your hospital cot. ;-) PS; Happy Birthday