Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Damn Zombies ! ! !

The crap you got to put up with to earn a living . . .  Zombies were everywhere on Monday .
Right there on India St. in Portland, they smashed one up between an old Caddy and a taxi cab.
Got him good too.
There was blood and gore all over the place.
And at about 12:30 when things seemed to quiet down a bit, I walked down to the corner to Amato's for a sandwich. I just got done paying for my order, when I turned around and Blondie Junior and a couple of his buddies were there right behind me all covered in blood and guts. Just about made me jump out of my skin.
Seems they were filming some scenes for a movie titled "The night of the Living Deb" due out this fall. A romantic comedy built on the backdrop of zombies. Something about a girl falling in love with a Zombie.
Meanwhile I was trying to install some shelving in an apartment in the building with the white top at the end of the street.


  1. Amatos was a service station in Portland when I was a kid back in the 50's & 60's. Of course that was Portland, Oregon. :-)
    No lack of zombies here in this Portland.

    1. MV- East coast Portland being a true Cool-aid drinking liberal haven has a disproportionate percentage of of your average pedestrian and motorized sort of zombies, the theatrical sort were at least a bit entertaining.

  2. Replies
    1. Kev, yes it did, at least once we managed to make our way around the blocked off streets and sort out some parking near enough to be able to unload tools and materials. Go figure they were filming on the same street I was working on. I lived in that city for about 15 yrs, I can barley stand the hassles of it thee days. Today I avoid it as much as humanly possible.