Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spurwink Farm Fly-in breakfast

 Once again it time for the annual Fly-in pancake breakfast at Spurwink Farm in Cape Elizabeth. A Sunday morning fund raiser event for airplane and horsey folks put on by Chapter 141 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. As it is only a ten minute drive from home this one is not to be missed.

All sorts of eye candy In this case a 1927 Curtiss Wright powered Travel Air 4000.
Stunning Setting looking over Higgins Beach
Sharp architecture
Handsome horses
Stunning beauty
 Mechanical elegance
Flowing lines
 And classic good looks
A simple interior with all that you need
The usual suspects were also there, a 1950s Piper Tri-Pacer affectionately known as the flying milk stool.
And a classic Piper J-3 Cub
A perfectly restored Aeronca Champ
The WACO we got a ride in last year was also there
And some fast glass
And a 210 hp Temco Swift
A kit built Sky Ranger
The Kolb Firefly made his departure

And soon most were headed back home before the temperature got to high

The Tri-Pacer

The GlasStar

The VW/Revmaster powered Sonex

Marty and his Kitfox

The 210 hp Swift


  1. I miss my Aeronca 11AC-s, farm field fly ins & the annual trip to volunteer at Sun & Fun before it got so commercial.

    1. Hey MV, thanks for stopping by. You got rid of your Aeronca? Went to S&F a couple of times and out to Mecca in Osh-Cash in 87 but they were a bit too big and commercial for my liking. S&F is no longer even run by the EAA. As I understand it has been sold out to a different concern. Some day I'd love to make it out to the Arlington fly in out your ways. But that may have to wait till I finish my Jodel.