Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hampton Fly-Market 2016

Saturday was the annual Hampton New Hampshire Fly-Market (aviation boot sale for yous foreigners) . So we went down for the morning to see whats new. Did not find anything that I absolutely needed among the items for sale, so we just checked out the planes and visited with friends and acquaintances .
Saw a perfectly restored Piper J-5 in the hangar
The J-5 is the Cub Cruiser with the wider fuselage and roomier back seat and a 100 hp engine
Looked like the day it was delivered from the factory
Its available for sale  . . . .  and if I hit the Lottery I'd be all over it .
Same mechanic was working on a restoration of a Taylorcraft
He sure does nice work
He had a freshly restored Aeronca Champ available for sale as well.
On the flight line there were the usual suspects, so I won't bore you too much with them all
This one an old Cessna 195
And the yellow mongrel had a new coat of paint
A Grumman Widgeon made an appearance
Straight out of Tales Of The Gold Monkey, except with some new-fangled electronics
Quite roomy and with the back seats out it would make for a nice camper
A classic from the 1940s still flying today
Among the homebuilts was a new Tatcher CX-4
80 mph on a VW boxer engine sipping three gallons an hour. Not bad
And spent a few minutes chatting with Bill Beauvais who was building a Corvair engine for his Fly-Baby and had a few extra bits for sale .


  1. My friend, "the guru", would have enjoyed himself there.

    1. Its always a good day there. We try to catch it every year.

  2. When I was in VT-5, flying the T-28, we used to take aircraft to fly in's all over the South East. It was a volunteer job, but it was a free cross country and you got to hang out with the plane at the show and let kids sit in it, etc which was fun. The best one ever was near a woman's college outside Miami. Lots of good looking young ladies and we got invited to a party at the school. Had an early take off the next morning and couldn't drink but it was still fun. Half my life I spent flying and chasing women, the other half I wasted.

    1. Can't imagine what it would be like to fly on Uncle Sam's dime. It is definitely the way to go if you like flying.

  3. Hey Mike, those planes are really kool. I like the 195 and the J-5 is really kool. I always enjoy pics of planes.

    1. Hey John, yes the J-5 would be my choice too, especially that one, but I would not complain with any of them.