Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Progress on Ben's house

Took a drive up to Richmond last Saturday to look at the progress on his house.
The shack got some paint sine we last saw it
Foundation went in about 3 weeks ago
And they have made some swift progress since. This is the interior view from the kitchen (west) side.
And from the east side where the bedrooms are
Looks big though it is just over a thousand square feet footprint
South side with daylight basement
 North east corner
South side from the other end


  1. Hi Mike, that's a big house, looks like it's going to be nice. The shed looks good.

    1. The house is 1050 square feet. Small by most normal house standards these days. But when you are dealing with bank loans, zoning laws and code officers they won't let you go much smaller if you expect the bank to put their money on the line. It has to be, so they can resell should you default. Ben's original plan was for something about half as big.