Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rust (2.0)

Revisiting a nasty can of worms once again.

The lower end of the front fenders where they meet the rocker boards on the Jetta were starting to show rust again . Piss-poor design traps debris behind the plastic fender liner and before you know it you have an agricultural concern going on in there .
 I had rebuilt them only four years ago. 

This is what was left after removing the dirt, leaves, seeds and rust and hitting it with the Permatex rust converter . Bondo won't do it anymore . That's going to need some new metal this time .
Driver's side was not quite as bad . Those holes can be filled with JB weld epoxy putty .
Selecting a 3 x 10 inch piece of sheet metal , the knock out panel from a kitchen hood extractor to be exact , we trim off five inches , snip here and there and beat on it for a while . . . .
. . . so that it results in something like this .
Snaps right into place like it was store bought .
Fits pretty good too
Coated everything with 3M undercoating and snapped the new part in place then coated it all again.
Good for another four years?


  1. Ya got mud grips on that Jetta??

    1. Mud grips? I'm guessing that's what we call winter tires here. I don't bother swapping them out for summer tires as I normally get a couple years out of them and then replace them anyhow.