Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Gedore Tools

Mr G found a neat cantilever toolbox by the side of the road .


As soon as I saw it , I recognized the distinctive blue German made Gedore brand , as we have had the two tray version for over fifty years .  All Gedore tool boxes and tool cases were once finished in that distinctive light metallic blue . The tool box is still up at mom's full of old bolts and nuts , so I don't have it at hand right now to take a photo .
But here is the matching socket set that came with it .

 Dad acquired both when we lived in Caracas circa 1973

Addendum... 9/8/2020

Got up to mom's last week and got some pics of the toolbox 

Serves as a catchall for old hardware



  1. Well, how about that?! Thanks for the identification of what is a very nice box. It came with a few sockets, I'll look for the Gedore name. Much appreciated!

    1. Hey I was thrilled when I saw your find and recognized it. The Gedore brand is top notch stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, both the tool box and socket set have been a fixture in our garage since I was six years old. I don't know where dad acquired them, but that's about the time my maternal grandfather offed himself and a lot of his tools filled our garage. I have never seen another tool box like it other than in photos. I found similar Gedore socket sets on line but all are larger sets than this one and the cases have folded corners. I am certain the stamped, as opposed to folded case dates it for someone more conversant in the brand.