Sunday, November 1, 2020

Wrapping up Ben's barn for the season

 Last Sunday after a two week break , one of those to nurse my bad back into shape , we made the one hour ride up to Richmond to deck over the second story on Ben's barn.

Since we were there last Ben did manage to get in a couple more uprights in each bay to keep that wet hemlock from sagging too badly .

Fortunately  his neighbor had come over earlier with the forklift tines on his Kubota and helped get the plywood on the upper deck saving us a great deal of toil.

 First thing we did is add a couple more knee braces to keep things from wobbling on us .
Contemplating imminent agony . . . mmm
Soon we hit a rhythm and had the first course set to the chalk line
Trying to make things fit so it don't go kattywompus on us 
Nail gun makes for quick going but can cause pain in other places . Just five days ago I could barely stand up or walk and it was only Friday I started to feel marginally mobile again .
Forty degrees F made for thick glue and skinny Ben had a hard time making it flow out of the tube .
Even got Annie in on the work marking out sixteen inch centers on the plywood for us
More frozen construction adhesive

Yea if I'd left the glue to Ben we'd still be there a week later .

Running short on gun nails

So we made Ben do it the old fashion way

 By 3:30 pm we got it done

Tarping it over for the winter

Package on the tarp said 24 X 30 feet , must be them smaller Chinese feet as it just barely covered the twenty four foot wide deck .
That should keep it dry .... mostly
 There good enough for now

If he gets some sheathing boards on it he might even have a place to park the cars out of the weather on snow days this winter . We'll do the roof rafters next spring .


  1. Replies
    1. Yea is turning out OK. Its as far as I am going with it this season. Next spring we'll see about building a roof. In the meantime Ben can peck away at the smaller projects that eh can do on his own.

  2. Está quedando muuuy lindo! Gran cosa tener buenos materiales. Si hiciera algo así acá, a los 15 días estaria todo revirado...

    1. Ja ja ja , la calidad de estos deja mucho que desear.

  3. it's beautiful! my guy finished my tool shed yesterday. it took him 5 days of work here even though he basically build it at his home. i haven't even seen it yet but will go down later today and post it tomorrow. my husband saw it and said he wants to move into it. that's not a bad idea.he can live in the 'he shed'.

  4. Good work men! Were you crippled up after this session?

    1. Fortunately no injuries this time. Having the boards up on the deck before starting saved us a lot of grief. Thank god for neighbors with tractors.

  5. (curious) Why didn't you use cross-bracing on the I-joists?

    1. In the past I have, but I am not sure it makes all that much difference at least with 2X8s on a twelve foot span. My own garage has 2X8 floor joist spanning twelve feet to the center beam, and twenty years after the previous owner built it, it is just fine, shows no flex and no inclination to roll the joists. And I have some heavy machinery upstairs. So we figured if it was an issue we could add solid blocking later. Additionally I am told the code enforcement officer there don't really seem to care when it comes to out buildings anyhow.