Monday, August 2, 2021

Meanwhile at the supermarket parking lot

 A Morris Minor two door saloon


Single piece windshield and horizontal grill slats makes it a post 1960 model with the 49 hp, 948 cc engine and a pucker factor inducing top speed of 75mph .


And the keys are right in it . The owner must figure any dingbat dumb enough to try to steal it could not sort out how to drive it anyhow .


  1. Hmmpfpfpffffff.

    Could you drive it M? Are the pedals reversed too? If so I could see myself getting into real trouble with it. It would be like flying your RC airplane upside down and all your controls invert...

    1. Oh I suppose I could figure it out. A million years ago I did the prerequisite backpack trip in the UK but never had a chance to drive on the wrong side over there. My guess its that the pedals are the same as here with the go pedal on the right, stop in the middle and clutch on the left. Yea the shifting with the left hand has to be a bit odd. Driving from the curb side over here might require paying a bit closer attention.

  2. And, and and the steering wheel is on the wrong side... Damn they are funny people over there, and over there and at the other over there.