Thursday, September 16, 2021

Warming up some Whistleberries

 Also seen at a the Bonnie Eagle car show

 Fixin some lunch , all time classics molasses bread in a can and baked beans .

Note the vacuum driven horn on the intake manifold


  1. When driving truck I used to do that with cans and even pork chops and steaks on the manifold. I wonder if that manifold on that old ford would get hot enough to broil a steak? What is the black sedan behind the Ford in the opening pic? Is there a chart of Farts per Gallon when cooking beans?

    1. I believe that black sedan was a 1930s Packard though I can't say for sure. As for the farts per gallon you'd be best query our distinguished Scatological Eminence Mr Filthie-cus himself.

    2. The unobstructed side windows with suicide doors and those louvered side cowls make me want to say its a 1935 Hudson Terraplane two door sedan with the louvered side cowls from the coupe.

    3. Ha, wrong on both counts . Its a 1934 Ford Victoria .
      The finer angled louvers , the suicide doors , and large side windows all match

  2. Replies
    1. Can't imagine it was a very nice ride back there , might be a good spot for the dogs.

    2. My uncle built one back in the day. It amazed me to learn that Ford still builds parts for them to this day. He had one as a young man and missed it. He spoke of warm summer days putt-putting round the countryside and said the rumble seat was the place to be with your gal.

      I wonder if he was being a dirty old buzzard when he said that...? ;)

    3. Kind of difficult to drive the car from back there though , and if someone else is driving you can't be a dirty buzzard.