Sunday, January 16, 2022

Feeding Welfare Bums Again

 Given that my efforts to provide improved housing for the Bluebirds was an exercise in futility and  it actually scared them away from their ledge , I splurged for a fifteen dollar bag of meal worms to see if I could make amends and they would come back .

And it seems this did meet with their approval .

For in short order two pairs of them were back . 

all is well with the world again

Even the Winter Wren got in on the action  .

Though this one seems to like the suet better than the meal-worms . 

Given that this is only the second time I have seen Bluebirds around here . . .

 I'd call that a success .

No gender identity issues in nature .

The females have a bit more gray on them than the males .

Titmouse got some too .

Then the Red Bellied Woodpecker spooked them all away .

The other one that' been hanging around here lately is the Peliated Woodpecker .

That sucker is huge , he has to be about sixteen inches from head to tail . Seems the Bluebirds are quite happy to bed down in the holes he makes in the maple tree in the front yard .

Here is the link straight to Oy-tube in case it don't play 



  1. Ahhh, you are a soft touch Mike! Glad your Bluebirds are back and has friends...

    1. Yea its kind of nice to see them around as in the last seventeen years here I have only seen fleeting glimpses of them once or twice. The are not all that common around here at all, but reading up on them the word is that they appear to be expanding their range northwards. Its odd to see them in winter as it has been bitterly cold. Today its blowing a gale with gusts of 50mph and raining sideways.