Saturday, April 8, 2023

So the libtards wanna prohibit gas stoves eh?

The self absorbed totalitarian jerks can scream and cry all they want . . . .

Cause I got my sixty thousand BTU carbon footprint offender now .

A Griswold 203 patent date 1833


Heck of a score for $65


  1. Replies
    1. I thought so. Been looking for one for quite a while. Have not been able to find much info on date of manufacture. The old guy I got it from thought that it was around sixty years old.

  2. That should piss off all the right people! Like Irish, a cool score! And welcome back from you self induced exile...

    1. Hey Kevin, Irish approved of my find and I wouldn't wanna cross him as he's only fifty miles south of me. Close enough to exact revenge if he wanted, though I don't figure he's the kind. As for my absence it has not so much been exile, more like hibernation. I really did not have much worthy to post about. Just keeping my head low and dodging bullets as best I can.