Tuesday, June 11, 2024

DEPORTATION . . . because it's the only solution .

 There . . . that should trigger a few window licking libtards .

So about a week ago I saw this around the back side of the garage . A new hole going under the slab . Seems we have a bumper crop of little shit-munks this year and they are digging new burrows wherever they feel like .

Not good as that location is a low spot that tends to flood and freeze in late winter with the likelihood of water now going under the slab and the resulting ice pushing up and busting the concrete .

I dug down about a foot and put some half inch wire mesh against the edge , covered it with soil and put some cinder blocks over it .

 But it made no difference , they found a way around my obstacles .

Time to get serious then , and there was only one solution .



Looking at what Tractor Supply had for traps none was small enough and they were asking close to $50 for the smallest they had . Screw that . A half hour of tinkering with the available scraps in my garage produced this .

Just like the store bought only at zero cost .

Works slicker than snot too .

Number one found the sunflower seeds in the bottle cap irresistible and was caught within fifteen minutes .

So did number two .

 As did number three . 

 . . . number four

. . .  number five . . .

 and number six , all caught within fifteen minutes of setting up the trap . Four of them just today .

Now isn't that a much more idyllic place to live than under my garage slab  ?

And no one will care where you dig your burrows .

I am sure Mr Woodchuck from last July would be quite happy to have you as neighbors . No I did not pay for that trap either . Someone down the street put it out by the curb with a FREE sign . That one is worth a couple hundred dollars if you had to pay for it today . 

Overall my home built shit-munk trap is a raging success . 

That's five . . . six of them caught within two days .


  1. That's pretty good! I been on a squirrel relocation mission lately. 'Cept its as dog food or cat food.
    We have a lot of rat snakes. I don't mind them except when they eat my chicks. Short window, by 8 weeks or so chicks are big enough. A few years ago I caught the offender and put a stripe of nail polish on its head and turned it loose on a friends ranch 4 miles away. Two weeks to the day it was back...

    1. It's probably less than a mile away where I let them go. I thought about marking these with some paint so I could tell in case the made it back here . But They are quite territorial and basically never went beyond my property . So I'd be surprised if they found their way back here . If they do they will likely try to dig in the same spot so I'll know. Then I'll take them further away on the other side of the turnpike so they have to run the gauntlet the next time .

  2. I'm also dealing with chipmunks, digging under my utility shed slab. They dug out enough of the gravel to fill a 5 gallon bucket -must have quite a network of tunnels under there. Unfortunately my method of relocation is a little more permanent than yours. Hate to do it, because I kind of like the little buggers, but they have to go.

    I see a lot more rabbits around lately, too. I have a suspicion that some of the neighborhood predators (feral cats, etc) are not around anymore.

    1. Yes, I'd have normally stuck the garden hose in the opening and drowned them but I did not want to make the tunnel under my slab any worse by doing that. Relocating them was best. I have caught eight in total now and seems I may need to do another round as I have a couple more making attempts a digging in the same spot. A few years ago I had a wood chuck try to dig under the garage and there was about a wheel barrow full of gravel at the edge of the tunnel he made. I used one off those smoke flares to solve that problem back then but I have not been able to find those locally anymore.