Monday, November 5, 2012

Mending fences

Been busy for the last couple of weeks with a few chores that really did not amount to much worthy of a posting on their own but desperately needed doing before winter. Three hundred feet of fencing is a lot to keep up with. A lot of the fence post on the property were broken or just about to break right at ground level. The were cedar posts and the fellow that put them in about 10 yrs ago did not tar the bases so they are all breaking at ground level. This time I used pressure treated lumber and tarred them. Should hold for a bit. Much of it also needed straightening as the ground frost gets hold of the posts and shifts them about over the years. So I re-set and plumbed a few of the posts that were not broken as well.
After I replaced the broken posts I leveled most of the fence sections as well so that they are in a nice even and straight line. Much more pleasing to the eye.

Front fence section needed replacing as well.
Mr peeping Tom needed a rebuild, new paint and a new hat after ten years in the weather.
Dog-house entrance to the basement needed to be finished. So I got the trim done with Tough-Board the same synthetic material I used for the trim on the rest of the hose three years ago when I rebuilt it.

And a coat of paint previous to applying the cedar shake siding.

Tool shed also got new trim and paint as the old stuff was rotted.
The garage door plastic window frame was brittle and broken in pieces after ten years in the weather, so I removed the broken bits and rebuilt the frame by filling the backside of the plastic frame with thickened epoxy embedded with steel wire. New brick molding trim left over from an other project went on as well. Tan paint to match the rest of the theme is next.


  1. Hey I like the work you've done. Looking after your property is hard work - the entrance to your basement looks amazing - wish I could have a basement. I also like the mansard roof on your tool shed. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Kevin. Its one of those thing you put off only so long and it screams at you for attention. Here in Maine we get hard frost about 3 feet in the ground and after a few years the fence just looks all wonky, I can't stand it. The straight lines are just so much more pleasing to the eye. As far as the basement goes typically over here in "the colonies" its just a metal bulkhead door with about a 10 pitch angle to it. When we bought the house 10 years ago it had this "dog house" entrance which is quite practical. 3 yrs ago I rebuilt the whole house from the outside in as much of it was badly rotted due to an improperly installed vinyl cladding. Massive 1500 hr 14 K $ project all by my lonesome. Brutal on the body and stressful on the missus. Most of the projects now are on a smaller scale, thank god. Cheers and thanks for joining us here. Michael