Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of Spring????

Started officially at 7:02 am today. Yet the scene that greeted us was 12 more inches of wet heavy snow. Thankfully the new chute I made for the snow blower seems to work quite nicely.
Tuesday it snowed for 36 hours . . . . Last year on this date it was 80 deg F and folks were at the beach sunbathing in their bikinis.
And here is why I dislike it so much. After shoveling off the deck once, then clearing the driveway and a path around the house, I have to rake the roof off . . . .  and  . . . .
then try to remove the rock hard snow from the deck.
Not sure whats easier, fighting the shovel or the machine . . .  I remove the snow from the roof as rafters are only 2"x6",  24" on center spanning 18 feet so I have some structural concerns should we get an other load or worse rain. And if I don't remove the snow from the roof the melting just makes a perpetual mess on the deck.


  1. Sounds a right pain to keep all that lot clear. I never bother moving snow here, I might clear a path to the car and van but thats it, I guess we have to deal with a lot less than you though (although it has snowed today!) Anyway you could add a purlin to make your roof stronger. Things like that always play on my mind as well!

    1. We have had 98 inches of snow so far this winter. There is no just leaving it there. And you can definitely throw your back out trying to move all that snow, I should know, I have. If I did not clear the driveway completely we simply could not get the cars out. The 4wd pickup truck can but that one is down for the count right now. 10 to 12 inches of snow usually renders a 24 inch, hard as concrete banking across the front left by the snow plow clearing the streets. No way the old Jetta wagon can bust across that. As for the roof there is just no beefing it up. Simply no room short of a major rebuild. some day I'll tear the drywall off upstairs and re-insulate the roof and while I am at it I may as well double up the rafters. But that will all have to wait for a while.