Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exterior trim replacement job

Friday afternoon I set up the pump jack staging and peeled back a bit of the lower fascia.
Monday I removed the old fascia and started applying the new composite material
Repositioned one of the pump jacks and got the top done with some difficulty as it really is a 2 man job and I was working by myself.
 Tuesday in between rain showers
I was able to get started on the lower section and things went a bit quicker
got the lower bit done
a view of the whole thing done
 and the evil ankle snapping door stoop
Monday eve we also officially made the Dodge truck mine. It really is an old-man truck but since I am hitting 50 this year and AARP will be soon sending me an invitation I figured why fight it.  I think at some point I will try and loose the Jimmy Buffet stripe. It is just not me.


  1. The house needs a good scrubbing to get rid of all that mold and mildew, including the roof (moss?).

    1. Yes, the plan is to have the painting contractor power-wash it all and hit it with new paint. The upper roof was redone a couple of yrs ago but the lower one is the original and really needs to be done as well, but that's a job for a younger man than me.

  2. I've never seen those pump jacks before. There is no way they'd be allowed in this country with our health and safety rules! Doing that type of work on your own is a sod and it takes some thinking about to be able to do it on your own. To replace fasia and barge board i always make sure I've got scaffolding of some sort-I guess I'm just more of a wimp!

    1. I am sure that OSHA (occupational safety hazard administration)may have something to say about my set up, but as I don't have employees they can't say anything. The jacks are handy if a bit cantankerous to operate. These just ride on two 2x4 scabbed together. If you keep the span between them under 12 feet the planks don't get to springy. They make some real fancy ones all in aluminum including the pole but they cost a lot more. These were under 50$ a piece about 20 yrs ago and since I don't use them all that often they work. I still don't like working the heights like that especially alone. I suppose after falling once I've learned to be overly cautious.