Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hampton Fly-Market Fly-In

Went down to Hampton New Hampshire today for the annual Fly-market. For my non aviation friends it is a flea-market/boot sale for aviation stuff. Scored a few goodies for my Jodel project. A nose-bowl for 10 $, a Whitman Tailwind tail-wheel, spring and steering arm for 20$ and a small Denso 40 amp alternator for 50$
The usual suspects were all there and the same junk we see every year. So no pix of the stuff for sale but a few interesting planes were there. What has to be my all time favorite a Curtiss Robbin from the 1920s.
The ever-present J-3 Cubs
Supercubs and Bird-dogs abounded on the flight line.
and a few more looking the other way
A Cessna Bird-dog with a gnarly paint job.
A mongrel experimental made up of a Piper Pacer fuselage, and wings from who knows what.
A delta wing weight shift trike . . . .
  . . . with a Yamaha crotch-rocket engine.
the redrive for the rig
A slick looking Euro-Fox
I always look for interesting details and a few were to be had in the wheel fairing department. In this case a neat looking mudguard on a Cub.
and an Alaskan mud flap on a Cessna 180
 someone even had a 1/2 VW engine for sale
the back side shows the cut case and block off plate
I always have a soft spot for a well pampered Stinson 108-3, circa 1947?
An other interesting experimental mongrel made up of a 1960s Cessna 150 fuselage, Cessna 140 wings, Taylorcraft cowling? hiding a 150 hp engine, and a home made empenage making it all look like a baby Cessna 180. Must be a fun performer.
And then there was this all composite aerobatic monster that came roaring in about 11 am
But the Aircoupe is more my style
A shiny Sonex with a Jabiru engine was there
And a lovely 1940s Piper Pacer undergoing the finishing touches of a total restoration.
In the same shop a sweet looking engine being rebuilt for a total restoration on a WW-1 Fokker DVII
A snappy looking Citabria
and a golden topped RV4
and some more R-amp V-ermin
A Bell 47 stirs the dust up on a Lexus, note the old truck seems to ward it off well.
a mousy looking LSA
A Rotax powered Challenger
And a lovely Waco Travelair

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