Sunday, July 7, 2013

Greenland New Hampshire Yankee ultralight fly-in

Saturday was a hot steamy day but we went down to the ultralight gathering in Greenland New Hampshire. Despite the muggy conditions there were a few interesting participants.
A mono-float Phantom UL
Always a curiosity for the aquatically inclined
Some of the general scene
The runway has a considerable hill on one end and most of it slopes a fair bit
A two seat Challenger on short final for a landing
And just about to touch down
Tied down and safe from the gusty winds
An ever popular 2 seat Flightstar
And single seat version of the Flightstar.
Every time I see on of these I am reminded of the Argentinian Marcelo Matocq who back in 1999 flew his single seat Flightstar all the way from Buenos Aires to Oshkosh Wisconsin, crossing the broad expanse of the Brazilian Amazon and hopscotching along the Caribbean islands. Inflated condoms in the wings, sitting on an inflatable mattress plugged in to a fire extinguisher in the event of a ditching at sea. A rubber tube from the carburetor in his mouth that by the means of some properly applied suction allowed him to adjust the mixture as he gained altitude.
A bit more of the general scene
The flightline
The pond behind the flightline
A Moyes Dragonfly tow plane designed in Australia to tow hang gliders aloft porvides for an exposed ride
A weight shift trike comes in for a landing
A bit of squirly work in the gusty winds to get down safely
Norm Langlois was there with his self designed home built legal Ultralight seaplane. Unfortunately Norm does not know how to fly and has been unable to find anyone to instruct him in a true UL. A year ago he was making noise about teaching himself in this creation. I gave it my best to talk him out of doing so. I take it as it is still in one piece he has not followed up on his threats.
A whirly-gig gyro-copter made a couple of very gentle and nicely controlled spot landings
And a very interesting Russian built twin engine Aeroprakt made an appearance
a side view of the Aeroprakt
and my favorite, a beautifully restored Piper J-5
Marty departs on the long slow slug back home in his Kitfox



    1. Yes it is, but it was hotter than hell and and humidity was darn near 90%. . . brutal .

  2. I would have loved looking over all the different aircraft and talking to the pilots.