Saturday, September 14, 2013

Portland to Ogunquit

Last Saturday dawned bright, sunny and unusually dry so we went for a ride down the coast in the Decathlon.
we depart from RWY 18
crossing I-295 over to the tank farm in South Portland
a good view of the tank farm
Over Cash Corner looking north-east to Portland downtown and the harbor
Over Spurwink marsh on the South Portland and Cape Elizabeth line looking at the harbor and Casco bay
The islands with Fort Gorges out in the middle
Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth
Ram Ledge Island Lighthouse
as one of the many Cruise ships that visit this summer heads in to the harbor
a bit closer
The pilot boat tags along side
With Portland and Mount Washington on the horizon
We round the end of Cape Elizabeth coming up on Kettle Cove and Crescent Beach with Richmond Island along the left edge of the photo.   The far peninsula . . . . .
 . . . with the sandbar as well as Richmond Island are all Sprague property.
we shoot an approach to the ultralight strip on Richmond Island
and fly past Phineas Sprague's runway on Spurwink Farm . . .
 . . . and someone's ostentatious ode to affluence
Black Point with Higgins Beach below us
Over Ferry Beach looking at Scarborough river and Pine Point
and from Pine Point back the other way
along Grand Beach
and Old Orchard Beach looking towards the pier
A powerboat with a parasail
looking back over our right shoulder at the pier
Past Camp Ellis we look at Wood Island Harbor
we see Basket, Sage, Negro, Wood, and Abernakee Islands
Over Biddeford Pool
and Fortunes Beach and Goose Rocks
The marshes always hold special fascination for me
We bump around the Kennebunk no fly zone on the far Peninsula where Bush Sr has his residence, and are over Wells beach with Drakes Island Beach beyond the harbor entrance.
and make our way down to Ogunquit
then it's off to Sanford for some fuel
And we top off the tanks
making our way back to KPWM, we are brief spectators of a soccer game
and take in some farmland views
about to enter the pattern for KPWM, we hook around Scarborough Downs
and we are downwind for 29 as we cross the end of 18
as we turn base we can see that the cruise ship is now docked
just over the Merrill terminal on short final
about 200 ft AGL
as we cross over I-295 again
seconds from touchdown... and other perfect escape


  1. Linda leccion de geografía y muy buenas fotos.

  2. I enjoyed those great pictures ! nice one Mike
    Eric F.

  3. I saw "Portland" and though you were doing a phonetic spelling of Oregon but I soon realized it was in fact, NOT IN OREGON.
    Then I read a couple more pages. Interesting blog. I see Gorges has been here. He is everywhere! Him and that duck he is holding.

  4. Great pictures. I was home in October, but flew directly into Presque Isle. I usually fly into Boston or Portland and drive the rest of the way. Anyhow, on the flight back, we basically followed the I-95 most of the way. When we hit the coast, I regretted my decision. I haven't been to the ocean in a few years!

    1. If you are out this way again and need a pit stop give us a jingle, I'm in the book. We'll feed and beer you.

  5. Ha. I might take you up on that. Probably be another year or two, however!