Friday, November 29, 2013

Duck for Turkey day

One over priced Buddhist duck from the chinaman on St John's St.
This one came with the "smilings" and "runaways" ( head and feet)
Remove said smilings and runaways and preserve for stock pot. EMT shears work great.
Perforate the skin liberally (do not puncture the flesh) Dunk in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. Season as desired Goya Adobo works for me, and stuff with 2 peeled tangerines, oranges, lemons or what ever citrus you have at hand.
Into a 500 deg F oven along with a couple of spuds chopped and dressed in salt, pepper and olive oil, and the smilings and runaways. Let it rip for an hour.
 It will render about 3/4 of a cup of golden elixir. Save and set aside preserve for future cooking.
Toss one shallot and one large clove of garlic in about 3 table spoons of said golden elixir in a hot pan, let melt and add some sliced Portobello mushrooms. Add a handful of sunflower seeds and a mess of chopped fresh dill , toss for a couple of minutes in the hot pan and serve.
With some 3 buck Chuck (formerly known as 2 buck Chuck)
O yes I almost forgot, after you drain off the fat from the pan, and you let the duck rest, pour in a bout a cup of orange juice and clean up the pan, add a couple of splashes of Worcestershire sauce and a splash of brandy and reduce for a gravy.

* Save the head feet and whats left of the carcass/ bones and make duck soup the next day.


  1. Mike, si v ienes a vivir acá huyendo del bobamacare, te instalo un retaurante y vamos a medias

  2. Oh, looks like Sr. Anonymous has beaten me to the offer. A carpenter AND a chef? I'd have you over here in Angola to finish off the cottages and the restaurant and cut you a share of the business!

    1. Yes my friend Doug in Argentina likes the air of mystery in the incognito monicker. As far as Angola goes I am not sure my bowels could handle it after reading your gruesome accounts of life among the savages. And the predators have a way of picking up the smell of fear and resulting shite in the vulnerable. I'd be easy fodder for the wolves and hyenas of the 2 legged kind. I was born and grew up in Venezuela so though fortunate enough to be protected from the usual horrors that come with living in a 3rd world shithole I am familiar with the hazards and horrors possible, but after 30 yrs here in La-La land I have become far to soft to survive very long where Darwin still rules.

  3. They could never sell duck like that over here. People would be lining the street to complain that it still had it's head so they could see what it was! I much prefer it like that though! Sounds like a good dinner- with shooting season on again at the moment I'm hoping to come home one night and find a brace of ducks hung on the side of the shed for me!