Friday, November 8, 2013

Finished Roscoe's Deck

Managed to finish the the deck project without any further major digit damage beyond the usual bumps and bruises. I did manage to bump the injured finger a couple of times but it seems to be healing nicely.
Wound up replacing all the skirting below the deck as the old stuff was quite nasty and just a jumble of short pieces that followed the grade making it look a bit ratty. Also made the railing all the same height and tightened up the balusters to a 3 inch gap to keep Rosco in. The straight lines and matching spacing help unify it all.
Also added a fenced enclosure with the same 3 inch gap between pickets to allow Rosco to do his business unleashed avoiding the need to dress up when the dog has to go.
And the small off color panel on the end is hinged to allow the kids to fetch the stray ball from under the deck. All in all I am pleased with the results, was spot on budget and it looks much better than what we started with. Better yet the customer is happy. Page back to the previous posting to see what I started with.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, some dogs have all the luck. Must have done something right in a previous life.

  2. Very nice job. Would love you to come down and do mine in between earthquakes!
    Aqiles Stoeger Cousin

  3. Te quedó perfecto! Congrats from an Architect. Que lindo lugar para vivir sería Maine si no fuese por los inviernos...